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Born in 1944, Craig Burr has been an avid Photographer for many years. A world traveler and multi-lingual, he captures a multitude of scenes from around the world including China and Kenya.

He has photographed over 100,000 images each year. Throughout those years, Craig has had ongoing photography and equipment education through PMA and SPAA, and has had continuous work with the Northern California Athletic League’s.

He has been a photographer at numerous weddings, quinceaneras and special events for both corporate and private gatherings. Craig has shot construction projects chronicled with before, during and after pictures, highlighting the progress and expertise of the construction team.

For the most part, Burr was raised in southern California. After serving in the United States Air Force, he settled on the east coast in the 1960’s where he raised his two daughters and enjoyed his four grandchildren. In 2001, Burr moved back to California and pursued his lifelong passion of photography. Trips to Oregon, Washington, Yosemite, San Francisco, Germany and to the eastern sierra’s have added many spectacular scenes to his collection. 

As a member of the View Point Gallery, his fine art photos are offered in local galleries and online for all audiences to see.

His collection series limited editions of the Lighthouses of America is inspiring and desired by many collectors. One of the most famous and recognizable lighthouses is the Hatteras Light, with its distinctive black and white candy stripe design. Burr’s limited edition, “Hatteras Light,” is a unique perspective of the lighthouse and was taken from the ocean – with Burr chest high in the water. One of the things that make this picture so unique and desirable is that Hatteras Light has since been moved several hundred yards inland, making this particular perspective no longer available.

In addition to his fine art photography, Burr photography services include photo shoots of transparencies for fine art reproduction, events, sports, action, teams, family, pets, business, commercial, buildings and landscapes, products and catalog photos. His experience and knowledge of the camera and related equipment create a solid background for the photography lessons he teaches to beginners and seasoned photographers. 

His Team sports photography has expanded to include the Round Table PHOTO SPONSOR PROGRAM. Contact him directly for details for your League Photography.

Burr offers a variety of subjects including, lighthouses, flowers, horses, seascapes, bridges, barns, people and more. He is now exhibiting in shows throughout the Sacramento and sierra region.  His photographic prints are part of private collections worldwide! 

Contact him directly for your photography needs.
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Craig Burr
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